Tagesmutter in Eppelheim bei Heidelberg betreut Kinder von 0-3 Jahren

Hello, I won't tell you my name, but I'll tell you one thing:

I got two homes: 

One is my mom's and dad's place, the other is in Eppelheim where my friends and me are in my Gudrun's day care. That's where I go when my parents are out working. I'm also very busy here: singing and dancing, doing puzzles and little paper handicrafts, building with Lego bricks, shopping,  joking with my friends, playing in our garden, where we got a sandbox, our cars and swings... Sometimes I'm helping out with the little ones. I'm already 3, the very biggest child here, you see? Our baby is only few months old.

Around noontime I'll get hungry, but of course my Gudrun has already done her cooking (fresh produce, usually). Then I'm really tired, so I'll snuggle up in my little bed and have a nap.

After my nap, I'll go on playing until mom or dad will come to pick me up.

When you'll come to see us, my Gudrun will tell you many things, and I'll show you where we play, indoors or in our garden. I'll show you our bedroom, my toothbrush, the photos of the many, many kids, who were happy here.

For questions you'll have to contact my Gudrun (and , yes, this isn't just for advertisement, she does actually speak English. She even got an English version of the contract, and she'll help you with the application forms for government grants for daycare).

Kinderstube Eppelhaus

Gudrun Luckhardt

phone:06221 471917

email: kinderstube.eppelhaus@t-online.de